Volunteer Roles Available

There are different roles within HEN which requires immediate take up. These are the requirements. If you think you fit the role, please contact Nilofar Iyer at niloiyer@hencharitysg.org.


Membership Coordinator ( Taken Up!)

  1. To actively seek new members to join HEN.
  2. To keep an up to date record of when the members joined and their membership forms.
  3. To give an update of number of members at every HEN meeting and what has been done to get new members.
  4. To work closely with Event Organiser and Volunteer Coordinator and send emails to all members regarding upcoming events/volunteer opportunities at the beginning of every month.
  5. To work with HEN Fundraising Coordinator to help in supplying member list with particulars for monthly workshops.

Volunteer Coordinator ( Taken Up!)

  1. To actively seek collaboration with organisations, schools and tertiary institutions for volunteers for ongoing events (food packing, early reading) and ad hoc events.
  2. To coordinate and be present at meetings between HEN Committee and the interested organisations and institutions.
  3. To work with Membership Coordinator to give update of volunteer opportunities and Event Organiser for an upcoming event.
  4. To gather enough volunteers for HEN events and to assign roles (eg photographers, food committee, clean-up committee etc)
  5. To manage volunteers during events.

Fundraising Coordinator

  1. To actively seek ways to raise funds for HEN for operational expenses (Gsuite email, printing of stickers, standing banners, online apps etc) and for special projects and events.
  2. To approach organisations for donations and be present at meetings between HEN Committee and interested organisations.
  3. To help in organising monthly workshops to raise funds.
  4. To update Membership Coordinator on upcoming workshops.
  5. To get HEN into online donation raising portals

Event Organiser ( 2 Members – Taken Up!)

  1. To be responsible for the smooth operations of HEN events from planning stage to actual event.
  2. To work closely with Volunteer, Fundraising and Membership Coordinators and Treasurer for the event.
  3. To send post event thank you email to organisations or institutions for providing funds, volunteers, event space etc.

Updated 24/7/2020