Financial Statement FY2019

HEN Statement of Accounts for FY2019

1 Oct 2018 to 30 Sep 2019

Income                                                         $

Donations from Public                            20,117.00

Interest from Bank                                   0.84

Museum Visit NHB Funding                  432.00

Garage Sales                                               205.00

First Anniversary PotLuck                      105.00

Total Income                                             20,859.84

Expenditure                                                $                         

Food rations                                               12621.25

Museum Visits                                           201.16

Cooking Class                                             37.8

Storytelling Sessions                                82.00

GSuite Email                                               400.00

Bank Pricing TRX Exchange                    1.00

Total Expenditure                                   13,343.21

Surplus amount for Future Food Rations & Miscellaneous Expenses $7,516.63.

                             AUDITORS’ REPORT

1. I have completed our audit on the accounts of the society for the period ended 30th Sep 2019 and have obtained all the relevant information and explanations required.

2. In my opinion, the Income & Expenditure Statement have been properly drawn up so as to show a true and fair view of the state of society’s affairs at 30th Sep 2019 and of the results for the year on that date. 

Anand Iyer      

Hon. Treasurer

5th Dec 2019